8 HDMI to IPTV Hardware Encoder H264

8 HDMI to IPTV Hardware Encoder H264



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HDMI to ASI, HDMI Encoder, HDMI to IP
H-8HD-EMH  HDMI Program Encoder

High Density 8 Channel HDMI input realtime hardware encoder for IP and ASI outputs that is perfect for headends. Input 8 of your favorite HDMI sources and you'll quickly convert these programs in H264 to your very own SPTS and MPTS streams. With the ability to ingest HDMI inputs ranging from 720p to 1080p60, you can set these programs up via the NMS gui from Thor to quickly and efficiently produce your very own IPTV headend for easy distribution. Adjustable bit rate for each HDMI input ranges from 0.5 to 19Mbps via CBR or VBR. Furthermore this unit allows you to input an ASI stream and multiplex with programs being encoded for easy multiplexing applications including contribution and distribtuion. This high density HDMI encoder is a work horse that is designed to run nonstop for even the most demanding projects and video applications.

  • Real Time H.264 Hardware Encoder with 8 HDMI Inputs
  • Independent control for encoding parameters on each channel
  • Provides all programs as MPTS outputs on both ASI and IP
  • Provides single program IP streams as  8 SPTS's  IP Output over UPD/RT/RTSP
  • Includes ASI input for multiplexing an additional ASI program
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