Compact SDI Extender Kit with  Mirrored Dual Outputs

Compact SDI Extender Kit with Mirrored Dual Outputs

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Over the years we've developed a more comprehensive line of products to help our existing clients and customers with various challenges they faced on the job. This HD-SDI transmitter and receiver kit has extra BNC connectors on both ends for practical reasons to help you on the fly with monitoring. 
First introduced for live SNG trucks that had a strong interest in seeing what they were shooting before sending their signal out via Satellite. On the transmitter end there is a second BNC port for a loopout, meaning if you're using a camera you can simply have a mini monitor plugged in via BNC to ensure your camera is operational and in-frame while producing your image. On the receiving end the unit has dual mirrored outputs. This means after the signal traveled through the fiber, into the truck, the operator and feed a mini monitor in his SNG vehicle and view the stream simultaneously while sending out the other BNC SDI signal into an S2 Modulator
These units are SD-SDI and HD-SDI compliant the transmitter and receiver SDI signals are reclocked to ensure that they arrive and transmit on time simultaneously. These units also utilize ST/PC locking connectors for your throw down needs as well as RS485 for control. These plug and play converters work on multimode and single mode fiber and come with external power supplies so you can use them right out of the box. 
  • Transmitter features a re-clocked SDI loop through
  • Receiver features two re-clocked SDI outputs
  • 3G SDI model avialable
  • Immunity to pathological patterns over entire link budget and operatingtemperature range
  • Compliant with SMPTE 259M-2006,292-2006,  (424M-2006, 297-2006 Optional- model dependent)
  • Supports transmission of SMPTE305M-2005, 310M-2004, 344M-2000,DVB-ASI
  • Supports both Single Mode and Multimode ( 62.5u & 50u) fiber types
  • Supports HD/SD-SDI inputs with orwithout embedded audio and data
  • 15 dB Optical Link Budget @ 1.5Gbps and 2.97 Gbps for 3G SDI model
  • Wide operating temperature range:-10° C to +50° C
  • Available in Box and Card versions
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