8 mW CATV RF Over Fiber Tx 45-870 MHz

8 mW CATV RF Over Fiber Tx 45-870 MHz

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1550nm Direct Modulated CATV Over Fiber RF Transmitter with AGC 2-16mW
F-RF-1550-TX-8mW 1550nm +8dBm output RF Transmitter

1550nm - 2-16mW fiber optic transmitter for Television RF (Radio Frequencies) from 45-870 MHz. Operates on 1550 C-Band wavelength for compatibility with EDFA systems. Directly converts any incoming RF signal within this band to optical RF. Transports all channels and programs over one fiber. Can be used for point to point, or combined with PLC couplers and fiber optic splitters for point to multipoint applications. Outputs Industry standard RFoG (RF over Glass) signals that can be accepted by most fiber optic RF receivers from other manufacturers. Easy to read front panel LCD provides information and alarm data, and simplifies configuration. This system features a highly linear DFB laser with automatic adjustment circuitry with Automatic Gain Control. For added reliability, a second internal Power Supply Unit is available as an option.

• 2-16 mW Optical Power Output from a C-Band laser compatible with EDFA amps
• Can be optically amplifed to high power levels for fan type distribution
• Transports entire 45-870 MHz band even with full channel linups
• Create high security "Fiber Breaks" to eliminate coax signal return path
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) manages RF level with no adjustment needed
• Compatible with all Thor RFoG CATV series optical receiver systems


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